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Shopify Inbox: Renovated Chat App | REDandGO

Communicating is critical to business. That’s why Shopify developed the Shopify Inbox app, which will allow you to communicate with customers in the easiest way possible. Shopify Inbox is the most up-to-date chat system that can be managed centrally, integrated with the latest social media applications. With this system, Shopify aimed to create a more interactive conversation between customers and sellers rather than short chats. According to the latest research in this area, 70% of Shopify Inbox conversations are with customers who make a purchase decision. Therefore, in this article, we aim to introduce you to Shopify Inbox (formerly Ping and Shopify Chat), a new chat application that will help you convert internet visitors into buyers using the power of chat.

By developing Shopify Inbox, Shopify has redesigned its messaging products and greatly simplified their use. In this way, wherever an internet connection and computer is available, sellers can conduct customer conversations and make more sales not only on traditional methods, but also through the chat application. The most important advantage of the Inbox application is that all these are done on a single panel in an easier and more practical way than before.

Managing All Chats Is Now Easier With Inbox!

Conversation, or chat as it’s often called, offers the opportunity to build a quick and personal way to connect with shoppers, meet them where they are, and guide them from the start of the conversation to the sale. However, due to the abundance of chat applications, it has recently become very difficult to keep up with all the messages coming from so many different channels and to create a stable brand experience in each channel.

Shopify Inbox enables merchants to manage customer conversations from a single center to avoid confusion caused by excess chat apps and channels. The most important innovations brought by Inbox in communication between the seller and potential buyers are the ability to respond to all chats from a single center and customize the chat view, saved replies, availability status and more according to the needs of the sellers directly using the admin panel. In addition, new measurement methods have been introduced with Shopify Inbox, which will help businesses that sell through Shopify to better plan their future and growth potential, helping them to easily understand how the chat feature affects the amount of sales. In this way, the amount of feedback received from the communication with the customers can be seen statistically from your management panel and new strategies can be determined accordingly. When a merchant opens the Shopify Inbox admin panel, they can easily get instant statistical results of their business’ chat performance, including conversation volume, response time, and how many chats turned into sales.

A merchant that starts using Shopify Inbox is also less likely to miss out on a potential sales opportunity. With the Shopify Inbox app, a merchant can instantly see the real-time number of unread messages that reach his inbox from all communication channels. With this feature, vendors can know exactly when to shift their full attention from back-office duties to visitors navigating the store and reach the customer immediately.

Connect with Customers in More Ways

The chat section of the website is not the only platform potential customers can reach. In the virtual world, there are so many communication channels for consumers to choose from, and as a business, it is quite natural that sellers want to be present wherever they have potential customers.

Shopify Inbox makes it easy to extend your online store’s chat feature to any area where people shop, and gives you the ability to manage all of this vast network from one place. It’s possible to quickly connect Shopify Inbox to popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and soon Instagram. In addition, since it is integrated with Shopify, directing the products and discounts in the store to the chat can be done with one click. Turning conversations into sales with Shopify Inbox has now become much less tiring and practical for Shopify user businesses.

Sometimes a seller doesn’t need to have a live conversation, or because he’s busy, he doesn’t have the opportunity. Therefore, with the Inbox app, more flexibility is provided for sellers to adjust the chat time according to their circumstances. With Shopify Inbox, automatically collecting a customer’s contact information when they are not available for live chat and then continuing to talk to customers via email or SMS at available times will also solve this problem. This way, sellers, you won’t miss any opportunity if a customer leaves your store or if you need to get away from work in the evening.

Prioritize conversations that produce results

Chatting is valuable beyond providing customer support and has recently become a powerful sales tool in e-commerce. The chat feature plays a very important role in final sales, as evidenced by the researches and reviews on e-commerce sales, in the past year when more and more retailers moved online and started e-commerce. During the COVID pandemic, sales attributed to a chat interaction on Shopify increased by as much as 339%. For this reason, the Inbox application is equipped with the most innovative features so that businesses that sell with the Shopify infrastructure in the e-commerce sector can use chat interactions more actively and systematically and get results quickly.

On the other hand, when store owners communicate with customers through Shopify Inbox, these customers are 70% more likely to convert. However, identifying and prioritizing conversations with high buyer intent can be difficult for sellers at times. Shopify Inbox also provides access to rich data analytics to help you sell more. When customers start a conversation in the online store or through Apple Business Chat, merchants can get information about what items are in their cart or which items have been removed, so they can anticipate potential questions and make customer-specific recommendations. Reaching the analysis of the communication with the customer increases the probability of making sales.

Shopify will soon add a feature to the Shopify Inbox application that will enable instant identification of sales opportunities made using the chat application. With this feature, using automatic chat classification, you can instantly see exactly what a new incoming message is about, such as size, inventory, shipping or a past order. This at-a-glance information will help prioritize the conversations most likely to lead to sales and provide merchants with the information they need for a personalized shopping experience.

All these data that will increase sales are also presented to the sellers in the analysis section of the Shopify admin panel. This data also gives sellers the opportunity to have all the information they need to understand what their most common questions are so that they can optimize and revise their categories such as FAQs, quick answers and product descriptions based on these statistics. In this way, it becomes even easier for sellers to establish a much more interactive communication with customers.

The Future of Chat Apps with Shopify Inbox

As we discussed above, it is critical for a business enterprise to compete with its competitors for sellers to establish a healthy communication with customers through messaging. As more and more customers shop online and interact with brands, Shopify Inbox helps unlock the power of conversation as a powerful sales channel. Additionally, merchants who allow staff access to the Shopify online store can also use Shopify Inbox to share text or images with their teammates.

Shopify Inbox makes it easier than ever for merchants to sell more, build strong customer relationships, and spend less time on support without leaving the Shopify dashboard. Thanks to this positive communication, the brand awareness of the sellers will increase and a stable customer portfolio will develop.

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