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Set Payment Deadline for Orders with Deferred Payments

You can now set the payment terms for your deferred orders such as cash on delivery or bank transfer. Thanks to this feature, you can set the last payment date for the orders and easily see the delays.

Determination of Payment Conditions in the Order Process

As you know, you can create orders from your customers outside of the online store via Draft Order. You can apply the management of newly added payment terms to draft orders as follows.

  1. Open Orders->Drafts page
  2. Go to an existing draft order or a newly created order detail
  3. Check the box “Payment due later” in the payment area
  4. Set the payment term
  5. Save

Management of Payment Status on Order

You could see the payment status of all your orders on the Orders page. With the newly added feature, if the payment date you have set for your deferred orders is delayed and the payment has not been made yet, you can view the delay status as follows.

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