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Meet the future of international commerce: “Shopify Markets” becomes the new global commerce hub for merchants!

Shopify drew all the attention to its new feature with a tweet it just posted on its official account, Shopify Markets.

Today, E-commerce has become a global industry with global opportunities. Shopify also offers its own merchants international domain and multi-currency support, providing great convenience for them to do international trade.

According to data from Shopify, in July 2021, international customers accounted for 27% of the traffic in Shopify stores, emerging as a problem for store owners to solve. Because the complexity of currency conversions, adapting the language suitable for the region of sale, offering local payment methods and tax barriers are still among the problems encountered. However, these problems seem to remain in the dusty pages of history. According to the official statement, with the Shopify Markets feature, Shopify now comes to the point of providing global service by default.

With Shopify Markets, any merchant can now manage a single global store to create localized stores in different countries.

We can briefly describe Shopify Markets as follows: A central platform with all the necessary tools that enable merchants to manage all their commercial transactions worldwide.

The details that Shopify sent to its partners regarding this feature via e-mail are as follows:

With Shopify Markets, Ease your international customers’ purchasing processes:

  • Local currencies and payment methods  
  • Multiple language options
  • Market-specific domains and subdirectories

Grow and optimize your international strategy with everything you need to easily identify, create and manage international markets:

  • Identify and manage market areas relevant to your business 
  • Set custom product prices for each market

Automatically optimize market settings based on data-driven analytics and changing market situations that drive conversions and provide better customer experiences

Here are all the details for now. As REDandGO, we will be following all the developments in real time and conveying them to you.

Finally, you can apply for early access to Shopify Markets starting today from the Store Dashboard -> Settings -> Markets.

Let’s end our article with reference to Shopify’s announcement today: IT’S THREAD TIME!

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