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Shopify Developer changelog

RSS Recent changes to Shopify’s platform
  • We've updated how we calculate the 'Speed Tested' app highlight Kasım 18, 2022
    The 'Speed Tested' app highlight in the app store has been adjusted as of November 17th to better reflect your app's current performance, as well as impact on checkout experience. We continue to measure how apps affect store performance using Google Lighthouse, but we now focus on your app's affect from recent installations, as opposed […]
  • Removal of SMS Templates as translatable resources Kasım 17, 2022
    As part of GraphQL Admin API version 2023-01, we are removing SMS Templates as a translatable resource. This means the SMS_TEMPLATE value will be removed from the TranslatableResourceType enum and the following GraphQL endpoints will stop accepting SMS Template IDs: translationsRemove translationsRegister translatableResource translatableResourcesByIds
  • Moving the Shop.fulfillmentOrders connection to QueryRoot Kasım 15, 2022
    As of the 2023-01 release of the admin GraphQL, you can access fulfillment orders from QueryRoot.fulfillmentOrders in addition to the pre-existing Shop.fulfillmentOrders connection. This change will also include the deprecation of the Shop.fulfillmentOrders query in favour of the newly added QueryRoot.fulfillmentOrders This change aligns with direction of the admin API moving forward ensuring that domain […]
  • CLI 2.0 to be sunset on May 31, 2023 Kasım 9, 2022
    With the latest addition of theme support to Shopify CLI 3.x, Shopify CLI 2.x has been scheduled to sunset on May 31, 2023. Learn more about how to migrate over to Shopify CLI 3.x here. Note that app and extension creation will sunset a month earlier on April 28, 2023.
  • Release of the fulfillmentOrdersReleaseHolds Mutation Kasım 8, 2022
    As of the 2023-01, you can use the fulfillmentOrdersReleaseHolds mutation to release holds on multiple fulfillment orders in a single request. This will allow developers to reduce the number of individual requests used to complete bulk fulfillment actions with their apps. For more details on the fulfillmentOrdersReleaseHolds mutation see here.
  • Shopify Scripts now available on Storefront API Cart Kasım 8, 2022
    You can now use Line Item Shopify Scripts with the Storefront API Cart to create discounts that are applied to a cart and reflected in the API response.
  • Recent updates to the App Design Guidelines Kasım 7, 2022
    The App Design Guidelines have been updated to improve clarity on high quality app experiences. In the app navigation section, it is now mandatory to use App Bridge’s Navigation Menu to integrate with the Shopify admin navigation experience if your app has different sections. The existing requirement in the responsive grid section that apps must […]
  • Shop Resource Feedback with GraphQL Admin API Kasım 7, 2022
    GraphQL Admin API 2023-01 introduces support for creation of shop resource feedback. You can now use shopResourceFeedbackCreate mutation to create resource feedback on a shop to let merchant know what steps they need to take to make sure that your app is set up correctly.
  • Developers can now choose their own app store categories Kasım 1, 2022
    Starting November 1, 2022, you can self-categorize your app once using the app submission form in the Partner Dashboard. Categories can be chosen by selecting up to two tags from our updated app categories that best describe the main function of your app. You can later appeal to change your app’s categorization if its capabilities […]
  • Selling Plan Group Limit Increase Ekim 31, 2022
    As of 2023-01, Selling Plan Groups will have their limit on the number of associated Selling Plans increased from 20 to 31. We recommend paginating all queries on a Selling Plan Group's Selling Plans, rather than relying on this fixed limit. To learn more about Selling Plan Groups, refer to the purchase options documentation.
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