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Shopify Developer changelog

RSS Recent changes to Shopify’s platform
  • GraphQL Admin API now supports custom content by market Mayıs 9, 2022
    As of May 9, 2022, you can use the GraphQL Admin API unstable version to surface custom content to buyers in a specific market, including custom content for a store’s default language. This feature enables merchants to provide the following kinds of localized and custom content: Support showing regional spelling or preferred terms. For example, […]
  • Subscription shipping address phone validation Mayıs 5, 2022
    As of the 2022-07 version of the Admin GraphQL API, the phone field of the delivery address will be validated on calls to subscriptionContractCreate and subscriptionDraftUpdate. This allows you to ensure phone numbers are properly formatted and will prevent errors that may occur when processing subscription payments with invalid data. Learn more about SubscriptionContractCreate and […]
  • Support added for compressed GIF images Mayıs 3, 2022
    A much wider range of optimized GIFs, including LZW compression, are now accepted for upload. To learn more about which image formats Shopify accepts refer to:
  • Subscription apps support Google Pay Nisan 22, 2022
    Google Pay payments are now accepted for recurring transactions. For these transactions, the CustomerCreditCard will have a source of google_pay. For more information, refer to Building subscription apps.
  • TranslationsRemove endpoint now supports removing asset translation keys Nisan 19, 2022
    The TranslationsRemove endpoint now supports deleting translations that are stored in asset files. Learn more about the TranslationsRemove endpoint.
  • Themes now support 25 sections per template and 50 blocks per section Nisan 19, 2022
    Based on your feedback, we've updated the number of sections and blocks you can add within a template. You can now add up to 25 sections per template and 50 blocks per section within each template. This will support use cases like: * Adding more blocks to an FAQ section * Adding multiple profile sections […]
  • Theme app extensions now support conditional app blocks Nisan 4, 2022
    The visibility of an app block, or app embed block, of a theme app extension can now be controlled based on a custom condition. The condition can be included in the block's schema with the available_if attribute, and the state of the condition is stored in an app-owned metafield. The metafield can be accessed through […]
  • New app Liquid object Nisan 4, 2022
    A new Liquid app object is available for use within the context of theme app extensions and app proxies. The app object can be used to access an app's metafields. Refer to the app object documentation for more information.
  • New checkoutChargeAmount field added to Cart object on Storefront API Nisan 4, 2022
    As of GraphQL Storefront API version 2022-04, a new checkoutChargeAmount field has been added to Cart. It indicates the subtotal amount to be paid for this cart at checkout, not including any deferred payments. This field is currently restricted behind the extend_selling_plans_api beta flag. The checkoutChargeAmount field is similar to the subtotal field. The subtotal […]
  • New value for the DigitalWallet enum Nisan 1, 2022
    As of API version 2022-04, the DigitalWallet enum has a new value, FACEBOOK_PAY. This change affects both GraphQL Admin and Storefront APIs. For more information, refer to the DigitalWallet enum in the GraphQL Admin API reference or Storefront API reference.
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