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Shopify Developer changelog

RSS Recent changes to Shopify’s platform
  • Updates to our Partner Program Agreement effective August 3, 2022 Ağustos 3, 2022
    We've made changes to our Partner Program Agreement. This includes terms noting that all apps may only be installed or otherwise initiated directly on or through applicable Shopify surfaces allowing us to help provide merchants the trust signals they need to make informed choices, as well as other updates. These changes come into effect as […]
  • Theme app extensions locale file size limit increase Temmuz 28, 2022
    As of today, theme app extensions are be able to store translations up to 15 KB per locale file. For more information about file and content size limits for theme app extensions, refer to the theme app extension framework documentation.
  • REST Admin API - Retrieving a list of locations is now paginated Temmuz 26, 2022
    Retrieving a list of locations is now paginated by default. If you are a consumer of this API and have more than 50 locations configured for your store, you might be affected. For more details on how pagination works, see here.
  • New customer payment method revocation reason types have been added Temmuz 25, 2022
    You may now see new error values and descriptions if you encounter a Braintree payment method being revoked when associating Braintree payment methods with the customers that you import into Shopify. Learn more about migrating existing subscription contracts to Shopify.
  • New Reference Type Deletion Error Message for Metafield Definitions Temmuz 21, 2022
    As of the API version 2022-10, upon deleting a reference type metafield definition with delete_all_associated_metafields argument set to false, REFERENCE_TYPE_DELETION_ERROR will be returned with the following error message: "Deleting a reference type metafield definition requires deletion of its associated metafields."
  • Adding write permissions for Actions to Shopify’s GitHub app Temmuz 18, 2022
    Shopify’s GitHub app is requesting write permissions for GitHub Actions. This update will support improvements to the developer experience for Hydrogen custom storefronts hosted on Oxygen. Today, deployments to the Oxygen hosting platform can only be triggered by committing and pushing a change to a Hydrogen code repository. These additional permissions will enable features such […]
  • The title field has been deprecated for the translatable resource ProductVariant Temmuz 5, 2022
    As of GraphQL Admin API version 2022-10 when you register any option translations on a ProductVariant resource, a title translation will be automatically generated using the option translations and surfaced for you. You will no longer be able to register title translations on the ProductVariant resource. Learn more about TranslatableResourceTypes.
  • App proxy requests include new parameter for the logged in customer ID Temmuz 5, 2022
    The customer ID for logged in customers is now included as a parameter in the forwarded query for app proxy requests. The customer ID is passed in the logged_in_customer_id parameter. The parameter will be blank if no customer is currently logged in. Tip: Make sure that your application is verifying the signature parameter of forwarded […]
  • New WebHooks and App Events for App Usage Spending Limits and Changes to `balanced_used` Temmuz 1, 2022
    On July 31st 2022 we will be introducing App Usage Spending Limits to provide flexibility for merchants to control the usage charge limit per billing cycle from their Shopify admin. Developers no longer need to set a "one size fits all" app usage capped amount that is difficult to meet a variety of merchants' needs. […]
  • New `Cart.discountAllocations` field and change in `CartLine.discountAllocations` Temmuz 1, 2022
    As part of the GraphQL Storefront API 2022-07 API release, we are changing how discountAllocations on Cart and CartLine are returned. Cart.discountAllocations returns discount allocations that are applied to the entire Cart. CartLine.discountAllocations now only returns discount allocations that are applied to the specific CartLine. reflects the line total with only line-level discounts applied, […]
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