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Shopify Developer changelog

RSS Recent changes to Shopify’s platform
  • Local Delivery & Pickup for Subscriptions Eylül 23, 2022
    As of 2022-10, partners can manage the delivery methods of the subscriptions contracts with Shipping, Local Delivery, and Pickup. SubscriptionContract.deliveryMethod supports two new types: SubscriptionDeliveryMethodLocalDelivery and SubscriptionDeliveryMethodPickup. A new SubscriptionDraft.deliveryOptions provides a SubscriptionDeliveryOptionResultSuccess type for all three delivery methods. To edit or create contracts, an extended SubscriptionDeliveryMethodInput for SubscriptionDraftInput can receive localDelivery and pickup information. […]
  • Preview theme app extensions using Shopify CLI Eylül 21, 2022
    As of Shopify CLI version 3.13.0, you can now preview theme app extensions by running the dev command. Shopify CLI supports hot reloading for theme app extensions, so you can avoid refreshing the browser after making changes. Learn more about previewing theme app extensions.
  • Sale attribution added to LineItem object Eylül 19, 2022
    Added the user_id field to the GraphQL Admin API and REST Admin API LineItem object as of version 2022-10. This will enable you to track the sales person that sold an item. Learn more about the LineItem object.
  • GraphQL Admin API now supports custom content by market that is not language based Eylül 19, 2022
    As of September 19, 2022, you can use a new set of endpoints in the GraphQL Admin API 2022-10 version to surface custom content to buyers in a specific market that is not language based. The newly introduced endpoints are marketLocalizableResource, marketLocalizableResources and marketLocalizableResourcesByIds queries, as well as marketLocalizationsRegister and marketLocalizationsRemove mutations. An example of […]
  • Introducing the Subscription Billing Cycles API Eylül 16, 2022
    As of GraphQL Admin API version 2022-10, we've introduced Subscription Billing Cycles to the existing Subscriptions Contract APIs so that you can make changes to an upcoming order without affecting the base subscription contract. This includes: * The ability to skip a future order. * The ability to make changes to the line items of […]
  • Use a server to build custom storefronts with authenticated access for the Storefront API Eylül 16, 2022
    You can now use authenticated access to make Storefront API requests from a server (for example, from a Hydrogen server). Using authenticated access enables more throughput for your server than using a public token, and enables Shopify's bot protection features to work more effectively.
  • Updates required for embedded apps to work on the new Shopify admin domain Eylül 16, 2022
    The Shopify admin is moving to a new domain: Embedded apps should migrate to App Bridge 3.0 as soon as possible to ensure the best merchant experience in this new domain. The following requirements must be met for embedded apps to load in Until these requirements are met, merchants will be forced to […]
  • Update your app listing Eylül 15, 2022
    New fields have been added to the app listing in preperation for the updated app listing page. All developers must complete the updated form by November 1. For more information on the new form, click here
  • New mutations to manage Locations Eylül 15, 2022
    As of GraphQL Admin API version 2022-10, we are adding mutations so you can manage your locations using GraphQL. This will allow you to add, edit, deactivate, re-activate and delete locations. Learn more about Locations on
  • Updates to app categorization Eylül 15, 2022
    App categories are getting simplified for better merchant discovery. Starting in November, you’ll be able to categorize your own app. For more information, click here
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